VW Bus Short Film Festival
VolksWagen bus Bulli with 'VW bus short film festival' logo

VW Bus Short Film Festival: first edition

The organizers of Corto weekend and Premio Cartolina, after several editions of short movies festivals and contests, is now presenting the first edition of VW BUS Short Film Festival.
The short movies festival, organized by EventiAvanti, is born out of two passions: the one for VW buses (T1 to T6 models included) and the other one for cinema and short movies.
The Festival will take place in Milano, Italy, from September 14th to September 16th 2018.

Terms and conditions

Submission is free.
Everyone can send her/his work: the most important thing is that a VW bus (any models) musthave a role present in the story.

A jury made of professionals and experts will select the short movies for the final. This movies must contain, in one way or another, a VW bus, but they must not have a commercial or advertising blueprint.

In order to submit your work, you can upload your movie to the following free platform: FilmFreeway or you can send your work with an introduction to info @ eventiavanti.it filling in the submitting form.

FilmFreeway logo

Every author must provide:
  • A brief plot
  • Technical information about the movie
  • Director's biography/filmography
  • Pictures/posters of the movie

Movies of every genre (animation, fiction, documentary, road-movie...) are welcome.

The maximum length of every film is 15 minutes

For movies in a language different from italian, please provide italian or english subtitles. Every participant can send up to three works.

Deadline is august 31st 2018.
By September 8th, the names of the finalists will be made public and their works will be shown during 14-16 September weekend. The show will take place in an open space (like a drive-in) and some vans and buses will be made available as seats.

Proiezione cortometraggi

Awards and prizes

Our experts, along with the help of the public, will assign

The Best "VW Bus Short Film 2018"

award to the winner.

We're looking forward to receive your videos and short films with Volkswagen buses in them, from the oldest and mythical T1 model Bulli (the first) to the more modern model T6 (the latter).
Volkswagen bus model T1 Bulli
Volkswagen bus model T6